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Our client’s satisfaction is our main objective, and this is why Grupo Alfonso Gallardo has decided to implement Quality Management Systems and Product and Processes controls, counting on the most modern measuring and testing technology in all of our factories, along with Quality Control Laboratories in order to guarantee the optimal quality of all products leaving our plants.


The commitment to quality is represented in the certification policy of all of our products, which involves submitting our facilities to periodic inspections with the results compared to accredited laboratories and audits of our Quality Control System by certifying organisms.

Grupo Alfonso Gallardo also foments the participation of all of its members in the common project to be leaders and referents in the quality provided to our clients, while also helping in our product’s and service’s improvement process by responding to the satisfaction surveys performed continuously by the Quality department.

All of this is backed by the product seal from AENOR, who permanently audits our quality system. The trust granted by this certifying organism (for Spain), as an independent third party, is what provides our clients the confidence that the product purchased fulfils the demanded requirements.


And the raw materials used in our factories are submitted to rigorous controls, since this directly influences in the production of top quality steel. So, the steelmaking companies pay special attention to the quality of the scrap, which means searching for the best markets and maintaining a strict receiving control processes.


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