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Grupo Alfonso Gallardo is conscious of the importance in respecting and conserving their surroundings. This is why all of its companies are rigorously submitted to the current regulations in terms of environmental management, controlling their acoustic and atmospheric emissions, solid and liquid waste and the proper storage and management of dangerous wastes that could be generated. Besides, the Group has implemented their own environmental management system that includes:

1-. Establishing an environmental policy suited to its organisation and fulfils its aims.
2-. Ensuring the fulfilment of the current law.
3.- Searching for the optimal balance between the environment and the company’s productive activities.
4.- A continued trend to reduce polluting emissions.
5.- Transparency in company activities, favouring an open communication with clients, employees, administration and neighbours, etc.
6.- Fomenting a culture of en vironmental awareness amongst workers, both staffed and third party workers, through education and training.
7.- Fomenting the recycling and reuse of materials, committing all members of the Group to a respectful attitude towards the environment.



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