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Grupo Alfonso Gallardo has a Combined Prevention Service for all of its companies, with specialities in Workplace Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Company Doctor and Ergonomics and Applied Psychology.


This Prevention Service works via the Workplace Risk Prevention System that, with its annual Prevention Plans (reviewed and agreed to by the companies´ Health and Safety Committees) that provide the organisation with an essential culture of safety in order to establish increasingly more ambitious aims. In order to obtain greater prevention efficacy, this System has been audited by an entity specialised in this area, having achieved optimal results.

These are the fundamentals in Grupo Alfonso Gallardo´s workplace risk prevention policy:

1.- Workplace risk prevention is a permanent and priority aim within the group’s general policy, with its main aim of improving the workplace conditions and providing a suitable level of protection to its employees. Therefore, it expects the commitment and well-being of its employees in workplace health.

2.- Safety, quality, productivity and respecting the environment must all be present, not only in our products when we attend to our client’s needs, but also in our activity to legitimately satisfy the Group’s employees´ aspirations.

3.- All activities developed within the companies in Grupo Alfonso Gallardo affect the whole organisation, from management to unskilled labourers, all belonging to the chain of command.

4.- Employee education and training, their consultation and participation, or that of their representatives, in matters concerning workplace risk prevention and health, must always be present in all prevention plans. y salud en el trabajo, están presentes en todos los planes de prevención.

5.- Prevention aims established annually in the Prevention Plan are diffused throughout the organisation and adopted by all levels of its hierarchy.

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